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The Debate Rages On at Kinross!
Which Golf Course Will You Enjoy the Most?

Dear Golfer:

        Kinross offers two courses: The Bruce and The Montgomery. If you come across a group or society that has spent the day playing both courses, ask the golfers which course they enjoyed the most. 
Some will say "The Bruce" while others will say "The Montgomery." The best way to answer the question for yourself is to play them both; come for the day or take advantage of one our value-laden stay-and-play packages.


        Both courses are mature and well-maintained and provide excellent examples of Scottish parkland golf with the added bonus of magnificent views of Loch Leven and the West Lomond Hills. The owners renovated and improved both courses three years ago and the work has significantly added to the playability and enjoyment.

        Kinross is located south of Perth just off the M90 on the banks of Loch Leven. Getting to Kinross is easy, especially from the Central Belt: drive time to Glasgow is 60 minutes and 30 minutes to Edinburgh. Many repeat visitors come from north-east Scotland, The Borders, and north-east England.

The Montgomery Challenge...Break 80 and your next round is on us!

        The first golf course built at Kinross, The Montgomery, is fair for the weekend or occasional golfer yet the course provides a test for the more accomplished and experienced player. The Montgomery Challenge is an incentive for Kinross visitors to break 80 (gross). Card a 79 or lower and your next round is on us (limit two free rounds per year).

        As you can see from the relatively short list of people who have achieved "Montgomery Challenge Hall of Fame" status since the inception of the programme in 2006, breaking 80 is a challenge—even for low-handicappers. If your club handicap is 10 or greater and you successfully take on the Montgomery Challenge, we'll extend the offer of a free round to include a friend; if your handicap is nine or less and you still get a free round.

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Design changes improved an already excellent golf course

        The Montgomery's statistics (6,508 yards, par 72, SSS 72) are not jaw-dropping yet why have so few good golfers broken 80? The addition of new white tees plus 19 new bunkers and a pond made life a little more difficult but perhaps the answer to the question can be found at the very first hole, a slightly downhill short hole where most will consider the 161 yards from the white tees to be less than daunting.

        Yet any shot that misses the difficult green will, more often than not, lead to a bogey. And so it goes on The Montgomery: many holes may seem straightforward on the scorecard yet the subtleties of the design combine with penal bunkering and challenging green complexes to create a course that makes consistent scoring difficult.

Three strong holes where par is a result

        The best par-3 on The Montgomery is the fourth, just 139 yards uphill to a green that slopes considerably from front to back. Any shot that finds the front right bunker is almost instantly a bogey
home2.jpgand chipping around this green is never easy.

        The best par-4 on the course is 16. Again, length is not a big factor: the hole is a modest 399 from the white tees. However, placement off the tee is vital and the second shot plays downhill to a well-guarded green.

        The best par-5 The 11th with its new pond that makes this 498 yard hole a great risk and reward test; it's especially so for those playing the yellow tees at 465 yards: given the right wind and ground conditions, it will be very tempting to fetch the green in two but the second shot must be perfect or it will likely find a watery grave in the pond. The Montgomery is friendlier to ladies than in the past. Construction of new ladies' tees reduced the yardage by about 250 yards and the standard scratch score went from 75 to a more realistic 73.

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        The course has a "standard" par-72 configuration with four par-5s, four short holes, and 12 par-4s. Its most difficult par-4 is the last, a brutish 443 yards to a difficult green. Many a golfer has stood on the 18th tee thinking about The Montgomery Challenge Hall of Fame only to have their hopes dashed here.

        Will you par the last on The Montgomery and successfully tackle The Montgomery Challenge?

The Bruce—The "Wild Child" of Kinross Golf

        If The Montgomery is the sensible, polite, and determined sister destined for a life of professionalism and hard work, then The Bruce is the sister who is less predictable and more likely to stray off the beaten path. Proof comes in the par-39 outward nine where you'll find four par-5s in the space of six holes.

        Yes, the challenge is a little gentler on The Bruce and there's no "The Bruce Challenge" (yet) but scoring well on The Bruce is no given. Weekend and "average" golfers often find The Bruce is more to their liking but the better golfer who sees four early par-5s and thinks, "that's four birdie holes" often finds their card in shreds embarrassingly early in the round. Yet sometimes, even a modest golfer finds a way to take advantage of the scoring opportunities that The Bruce presents.

The Hardest Hole on the Course? The par-4 6th at just 272 Yards!

        Further proof of the wonderful unpredictability on The Bruce comes at the par-4 sixth. It's the number one handicap hole and it only requires an mid-iron off the tee followed by a wedge. Unfortunately for some, the "ball magnetic" pond in front of the green generates plenty of golfing angst and big numbers. Unlike The Montgomery, where par is gratefully, even gleefully accepted at the 18th, the closing hole on The Bruce, a 330-yard par-4, provides an home3.pngopportunity for a birdie to win the match and earn some bragging rights in the clubhouse bar.

Three Strong Holes Where Par is a Result

        It's difficult to pick the "best" par-3 on The Bruce but the short 16th might be the one that most golfers select: it's 160 from the white tees but choosing the right bat can be difficult as the green is long and well-protected. It's a picturesque hole with a well-framed green.

        The aforementioned 6th is the most famous par-4 on the course but the par-4 14th provides an enjoyable shot downhill to the large green. The first of the par-5s on The Bruce, the 4th, might seem like the first of several birdie opportunities but even good golfers leave the hole happy with a par: the second shot is perhaps the most difficult on the course, whether you are going for the green or not.

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Again—A Course that's Friendlier for Lady Golfers

        During renovations, Kinross reduced the length of the course from the ladies' tees by 300 yards. And like its sister, The "Wild Child" Bruce welcomes lady golfers.

Eleven Reasons Golfers Enjoy their Golf at Kinross

  1.  Wide fairways mean more enjoyable golf. At Kinross, we understand that you're here on holiday or that you're part of a group; some in the group may not be regular golfers. Thus we have wide fairways with minimal rough so that your game should be more enjoyable. However, with most fairways bordered by beech, pines, birch, larch, and mature oak trees, 
    you can't stray that far off the fairway!

  2. Wonderful views and a relaxing environment. At Kinross, you get magnificent views of the West Lomond Hills from practically every hole. You're not quite in The Highlands proper but it feels like you are.
  3. Two courses speed up play and provide variety. At Kinross, we have two 18 hole golf courses that provide flexibility. When a large group comes to Kinross, they can have one of the courses for the day, leaving smaller groups and individuals with the other course: this means that congestion is never a problem at Kinross. And if you're a group, you can often have one of the courses totally to yourselves! And with two courses, we offer an exciting variety so that you don't get bored of playing the same course over and over. You'll never be stuck behind a large group of "well-refreshed" golfers who are just going out after lunch.
  4. Well-kept greens and fairways. At Kinross, you get a good lie in the fairway and a well-struck putt is rewarded with a good result. You'll find that our conditioning rivals that of courses that cost significantly more. home3.jpg
  5. Our famous stay-and-play packages provide some of the best value in this golf-rich area. By far the best value at Kinross is a stay-and-play package.
  6. Sensible greens. At some courses, especially more modern courses, it seems that an evil relative of Dr. Frankenstein designed the greens. Not so at Kinross where the greens are challenging but not silly. No "pinball" putting at Kinross.
  7. Easy to walk yet not totally flat. Located on the banks of Loch Leven, Kinross is relatively flat and easy to walk. Yet there's enough undulation to provide ample architectural interest.
  8. Excellent dining with plenty of options. At Kinross, there are no less than five places to eat and drink. Choices range from simple club house food to Michelin-rated dining and everything in between. Have a holiday splurge or stick to a budget. The choice is yours.
  9. Easy to get to means less time in the car and more time playing golf. Kinross offers Scottish Highlands golf without the sometimes difficult and tedious driving. We're less than a mile from Junction 6 on the M90 and we're about 60 minutes from Glasgow and 30 minutes from Edinburgh. And if you plan to make Kinross your "base of operations" as you raid the wonderful golf that's in the area, Kinross is central to everything. Again, less driving and more golf.
  10. Everything on-site (and en-suite) so there's no driving once you arrive. The walk from the first tees to our two on-site hotels takes only a couple of minutes unless you're dawdling. The Green Hotel is has a traditional feel with parts of it dating back to the 18th century when it was a coaching inn. The Windlestrae is more contemporary. All rooms are en-suite and suites are available. But the big bonus for the golfer is the proximity to the golf: roll out of bed, enjoy a full Scottish breakfast, organize your game, and you're on the first tee almost instantly.
  11. A family atmosphere means you can relax and enjoy the golf and the hotels. Kinross is NOT a golf club that tolerates visitors on certain days and relegates them to a 1930s converted milking shed at the back of the car park. Kinross enthusiastically welcomes visitors as friends and you'll meet affable golfers in the club house and in the hotels. There's nothing "stuffy" about the golf at Kinross.

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   11a. A good golf course for occasional golfers. We understand that many of our group golfers will be new or infrequent golfers. They too can enjoy golf at Kinross. Our golf professionals can organize group-friendly competitions like a Texas Scramble so that everyone feels like they are part of the team.

   11b. A good golf course for the serious golfer! While both The Bruce and The Montgomery are excellent courses for the average golfer, both courses, when played from the white tees, are more difficult and challenging than they appear, even for the county player. If you're a low-handicapper, both courses will keep you on your toes.

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